Crescent Sail Yacht Club

276 Lakeshore Road, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236

Star Fleet

The STAR fleet is the oldest one design class - established in 1904.  We are a growing fleet in Lake St. Clair and enthusiastically invite others to join us.  2017 highlights include:

  • BOD Winner: T Gibney
  • STAR Fleet Captain: T Gibney
  • Past Regattas: District Blue / Green Star
  • Participation in Double Handed Series
  • Participation in the Annual Icebreaker, where the winner of our class was an 82 year old gentlemen from Chicago and been racing Stars for 60+ years!



The Star Class will be receiving applications from individuals wanting to sail a Star and advance to the highest level of sailing. Every applicant will be considered by committees throughout the World where gifts have been received. Awardees will be required to report to a local Fleet and sail Fleet, District and National events when appropriate. 

Applicants must: 

  1. Fill out and submit the boat loan application 
  2. Submit a sailing resume
  3. Submit three (3) letters of recommendation

This grant program is extremely exciting as it supports our mission and improves marketing of our Fleets and the Class. 

If you have a boat that is competitive and in racing condition we hope you will consider this program.

Upcoming Events


9 - Social Committee Meeting, 6:30 - 8:00 PM

9 - Membership Meeting, 8:00 PM

12 - Friday Night Dinner, 6:30 PM, RSVP by midnight Jan 10th at SlyReply (preferred) or call / text Nina Glover at 248-302-6570 by 9:00 AM, Jan 11

16 - Board Meeting, 7:00 PM

23, 30 - Tuesday Luncheons at CSYC, at noon (Order at:

26 - Friday Night Dinner, 6:30 PM


6, 13, 20, 27 - Tuesday Luncheons at CSYC, at noon (Order at:

6 - Membership Meeting, 8:00 PM

9 - Friday Night Dinner, 6:30 PM

10 - Feather Bowling at Cadieux Café, 7:00 PM

11 - Commodore Please & Thank You Party

17 - Cal 25 Awards Party 6:00 - 11:00 PM

23 - Friday Night Dinner, 6:30 PM


6, 13, 20, 27 - Tuesday Luncheons at CSYC, at noon (Order at:

9 - Friday Night Dinner, 6:30 PM

23 - Friday Night Dinner, 6:30 PM

Weather at Crescent

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